Welcome to Careers & Employment

CareerHub provides an online link between Employers, William Angliss Institute students & graduates and the Careers & Employment service. This service provides the ideal location to advertise part-time, casual, graduate or work experience opportunities to foods, tourism, hospitality and events.

To advertise a vacancy with Careers and Employment:

  • Simply click on the "register" button (on the LHS)
  • Add your details and create a username and password, then hit “finish”
  • Then click on “add a new job” (complete all the job specifications)

To complete the process you must click on “publish this job”.  All the items you add to CareerHub are subject to approval by the Careers & Employment office. 

All job advertisements offered to William Angliss Institute students must comply with all relevant Australian and State Laws including Privacy, Fair Trading, Trade Practices and Anti Discriminating Laws.

Please note that we will not approve jobs listed below the national minimum pay rate. Contact Fair Work for more information on 13 13 94, or use their Pay and Conditions tool available here.

Please see terms and conditions for more information.