Terms and Conditions

Careers & Employment provides an online service for employers to advertise positions vacant with our student population. Suitable positions will also be advertised online and on notice boards throughout the Institute during semester time. All vacancies submitted to William Angliss Institute's CareerHub are normally reviewed and approved by the Careers and Employment Office within two working days. Vacancies are processed Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm, except when the Institute is closed. All job advertisements offered to William Angliss Institute Students via Careers & Employment must comply with all relevant Australian and State Laws including Privacy, Fair Trading, Trade Practices and Anti Discriminating Laws. Careers & Employment reserve the right to refuse or withdraw any advertisement from CareerHub that are deemed inappropriate, without notice or reason and to alter any aspect of the advertisement approved for publishing.

Reasons may include:

  • Where non - compliance with these terms and conditions has occurred
  • Misleading or incorrect information has been provided
  • A complaint about the employer or advertiser has been received
  • Where non compliance with the law is reasonably suspected
  • The vacancy is considered to be inappropriate

The following information is required to advertise your vacancies:

  • The organisation or company name
  • A contact person
  • Contact information such as Address, Phone and Email details
  • An outline of the position which may include a position description or outline of the work to be undertaken
  • Pay rate (this must fall within appropriate awards)

The Employer is responsible for screening, interviewing, reference checking and any other related recruitment processes unless otherwise arranged with Careers & Employment.

The following types of positions may be advertised:

  • Part time, Casual, Contract or Full time Employment
  • Internship or Co-op placements
  • Graduate Employment
  • Volunteer positions (must clearly state that the work to be carried out is on a volunteer basis)

Careers & Employment will not advertise the following vacancies:

  • Commission only jobs
  • Are paid at less than award wages
  • Work involving illegal activity
  • Any advertisement not advertising a genuine employment opportunity
  • Are based on independant contracting arrangements
  • Positions where students must purchase a product or service, or offer a security deposits or similar as a condition of employment.


  • Careers & Employment will be under no liability to users and recruiters in respect of any loss or damage (including consequential loss or damage) which may be suffered or incurred or which may arise directly or indirectly in respect of services supplied by Careers and Employment.
  • Advertisers agree to indemnify Career & Employment and its staff against all claims, actions, suits, costs and expenses incurred on any account by Careers and Employment as a result of their advertisement.
  • Employers advertising on CareerHub must abide by our Terms and Conditions. Careers and Employment checks that all opportunities featured on CareerHub comply with our Terms and Conditions, however, we do not accept responsibility for advertisers who provide inaccurate, misleading or false information.
  • Careers and Employment does not necessarily recommend or endorse any organisation or service providers featured on CareerHub.
  • Careers and Employment does not act as an agent for the employer.
  • Employers agree that all information they provide in their advertisement does not breach any law or the right of any person (including legislation regarding Fair Trading, Equal Opportunity and Human Rights).

Other Information

  • These Terms and Conditions may change at any time without notice.
  • No administrative fee will be incurred when advertising on CareerHub.
  • Careers and Employment may use employers information to contact them regarding issues with specific postings, alert them to any other services to facilitate recruitment, ask questions to assist us in managing the William Angliss Institute CareerHub service, and other William Angliss Institute activities.
  • Careers & Employment will not advertise positions if they are found not to comply with relevant employment related Acts, contain misleading or incorrect information are considered inappropriate or have had complaints lodged with the Angliss Careers & Employment office.

More information:
Telephone: 03 9606 2137
Email: careers@angliss.edu.au